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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Films @ The Forest Fundraiser - PROGRAM

Films @ The Forest Fundraiser

15.00-15.10:   Opening

15.10 – 15.50 :   Low Def  
A bunch of low definition films made by folks from - and around the Word of Mouth Café! (Special thanks to Paul Maguire! )

15.50 – 16.10 :   Save The Forest Café
 You love the Forest Café but you don’t know how could you help us? We will give you a brief update on our current situation and how can you get involved. Is that your first time here and you would like to know more about our activities? We show you a film made by Ansgar Hoeckh so you will know what we ask your money for! J

16.10 -17.20:  Animation / Stop Motion
A block of short animation and stop motion films made by the super talented students of ECA!
      Ania Hazel Leszczynska: Monster in the toilet//
                                       But it makes me happy// Mrs. Robinson
      Amy Shields and Oana Nechifor: Magnets and Postcards
      Amy Shields: Hair today gene tomorrow//Terrestrial reverie in the ocean of emptiness //
                                  Do not gentle into that good night
      Oana Nechifor: Battle song// Looking out the window
      Adam Gierasimiuk: The ruler and the rebel// Wolf Me// Sneeze// Scanner
      Peter Shaw: Know Thyself// Minotaur Jr.// When I became man
      Alexandru Nechifor and Peter Shaw: Extinction
      Demosthenes Panagiotakis: Shower// Thai chi form
      Michael Melrose: Dot
      Farah Ahmad: untitled// Chinese whispers
      Miryam Lacey: Eyes for you//Penny Lane//Snnigely cat
      Anna Ginsburg: The Cat Burglar// She thought she was kind//
                               Take off your bonnet and jump in / /Crisp Envy
      Will Anderson: Job interview
      Cat Bruce: Memories: Little Men// How to do a walk cycle// Dancing is easy// Dance room

17.20-17.50:   Break, Soundtrack Jam
Have your coffee, go for a smoke or play your guitar or anything that you find! Some of the thiscollection short movies don't have any music in them, and we're planning to ask you, viewers, to create a soundtrack for it. Anyone can join in! Doesn’t matter if you’re not a musician or you don’t have your instrument with you, take some spoons or sing. J You have more ore less half an hour to improvise and rehears together and then to perform when you get the sign... And the fun part: this Jam will actually be filmed and used in a future project of Glue Factory, Glasgow.

17.50 – 19.40:  This Collection
Sit back and enjoy this vivid snapshot of the range of creative talent auld reekie has to offer through poetry and film art! is a copy left non-hierarchical, non-curatorial experiment to engage
film with local poems set in the postcodes of Edinburgh.
Every scratch, every shake, every poetic pause in our digital canvas makes art a right
not a privilege, and our terms of engagement must shift.
Familiar streets and scenes take on a new look from these films collected to date, all
short poetic vignettes and some imaginative reinterpretations of poems written by
poets from all walks of life. (You find the detailed program of films screened tonight at the door!)

19.40 – 20.15:  Start of FILM Hunt, Break
Are you a bit jealous watching these films…?
Well, FILM Hunt is a possibility for you to produce your film in 48 hours! Right here right now! Registration and more info at the door!
The Hunt starts at 8 pm!

20.15-22.15:   Short Films , Experimental, Documentaries       
Interesting stories, strange and beautiful pictures, magical sounds, true stories, tiny details provided by Edinburgh based artists from all around the world!
Fake Dog Films: Crackdown 2. // Street of Rage
Jon Howells: City of Deadinburgh
Scott Wills: Sour Eggs
Daniel Andreas Neofetou: The Triumph of Willy Callahan// Dark Azaleas
Alexandru Nechifor: Organic
Anna Ginsburg: The silver side
Paramita Das: A kind of Crying
Demelza Koij: The Little House of Memories// Voyage of a Mind’s Eye
Alberto Iordanov: Processes
Adam Stafford:  The Shutdown
Anna Urbanowska: Cheat
Maddi Barber: All is Full of Love

22.15-22.30:  Break
Last chance to get a pastie from the fridge tonight and a second chance to see the film about the Forest Café made by Ansgar Hoeckh.

22.30-23.00 :   Low Def
The second bloc of low definition films made by folks from - and around the Word of Mouth Café! (Special thanks to Paul Maguire! )
Last minutes of films for you today, enjoy it and prepare yourself for the party!

23.00-Late:   Party with DJ Akimbo Devine
Bring your booze and dancing shoes! Why would you watch films sitting if you can dance and enjoy the pictures on the wall at the same time? ...time to move and dance around! Celebrate yourself, your films, the film of your friends, your enemies and last but not least:  the FOREST!!!!

We'd like to thank ALL the amazing people who are participating to this event by giving us their films, all the ECA students,
This Collection and the
Word of Mouth Café.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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